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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 - Android

PhotoMap Gallery – Photos, Videos, & Travel v8.9.6 – See your photos and tours in fascinating ways. Keep your memories alive like never before. PhotoMap is among the best programs in the Gallery with exceptional features. It helps you find great places again. Relive your tours by jumping almost from one location to another.

“This is beneficial for vacations, sports and business photos.” – Android Magazin, 4/2015

“PhotoMap is among the most distinctive gallery programs. […] It is also fun to play. ”- Android Authority, 4/2017

With PhotoMap, you can view videos and photos from your internal storage or SD card. PhotoMap also supports cloud storage and network drives: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, FTP / FTPS, and CIFS / SMB.

✈ See distances traveled and length of stay.
✈ Supports Android 8.0 Oreo

Share your photos and excursions as picture collages or via connection. Friends and family can quickly open shared hyperlinks in a browser.

If your photos do not have geographical classifications to date, check the Match option in your camera program. It is suggested to use the MapCam program to take photos with exact geographical positions.

More Features:
✔ View your photos from a transparent calendar perspective.
✔ Track your excursions or your normal life with the integrated geo tracker.
✔ Publish GPX files from external trackers.
✔ Export your trips to GPX / KML documents.
✔ Preview your photos in an amazing Augmented Reality (AR) view.
✔ Write down your ideas and details in a diary.
✔ Use the handy widgets on the home screen.
✔ Change the placement of your photos via drag and drop.
✔ Enter GPS locations for photos in geotagging mode.
✔ Store captions in metadata photos. Picasa, for example, can read it.
✔ See Exif, IPTC, XMP, ICC and other meta information.
✔ Love visualization images located on a zoomed world map (photo map).
✔ Freely zoom, tilt or flip the 3D world map to savor different viewpoints.
Livremente Freely select from OpenStreetMap satellite, road, terrain, and view.

PhotoMap is an excellent tool for many situations:
★ When traveling, on vacation, on business trips, when camping, in cities abroad.
★ Take note of sites such as attractions, real estate, homes, cars, construction sites, restaurants, workplaces, hotels, inns, colleges, parking lots, etc.
★ During the game like cycling, rowing, running, running, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, walking, exercising, playing soccer, etc.
★ As a spectator at a particular event, such as a concert, a festival, a football match, a tennis game, etc.
★ As a tourist to parks, zoos, flea markets, amusement parks, Christmas markets, etc.
★ On a family trip, at a party / celebration, at a bar / nightclub, to capture the night, the weekend, etc.
★ When meeting friends at the mall, in the park, while shopping, in a restaurant, etc.
★ At special events like parades, birthdays, weddings, parties, etc.
★ In the event of a disaster such as an earthquake, storm, flood, tsunami, storm, storm, forest fire, etc.

PhotoMap is useful for various groups of individuals, such as real estate agents, geologists, inspectors, rangers, craftsmen, firefighters, colleagues, police, postmen, architects, backpackers, travelers, construction workers, truckers, taxi drivers, event managers, Flight attendants, guest agents, celebrities, facility supervisors, au pairs, tour assistants, farmers, foresters, gardeners, insurance brokers, janitors, pilots, doctors, interior designers, city guides, versions, etc.


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