Download PitchBlack – Substratum Theme v68.9

Sunday, February 24th, 2019 - Android

PitchBlack – SubSubject Theme v68.9 – ATTENTION: This Motif is not for stock ROMs set by Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei and Some Other OEM. Please see the description for more information.

Substrate motive mechanism has to be downloaded to use this program

PitchBlack It is a dark and featured motif that is compatible with black battery. Providing support and ROM programs, optimizing the balance between materialism, epic color blends that are varied and minimalism.

Meet with many more and more PitchBlack CMTE subject sets!
Re-iterating as wallpapers and accents are implemented, PitchBlack provides a simple solution for using topics, mechanically creating 130 sets of motifs for you! Just select which combination you like, build and activate! It is!

ROMs supported
• Android Nougat aop 7.1 OMS
• Android Oreo osp 8.0 / 8.1 and Pixel / 2
• Android Oreo OxygenOS 8.0 / 1)
• Android Pie (Pixel and AOSP) (requires origin)
• Android Torta OxygenOS (Requires origin)

Theme Demands substratum oms motif engine supported Android 7.1 AOSP ROMs. Theme Does not work If you are in the Samsung inventory, inventory lineageOS, Oxygen OS or Omni NOUGAT have established ROMs.

About the Android Oreo & Pie service

PitchBlack Oreo & Pie provides full support in Pixel Stock, LineageOS, OxygenOS and some other AOSP Oreo & Pie ROMs set

First step: you must choose your Android overlay variant

Installation for Android Oreo e Torta
• Selecting and overlapping options
Build and train
• restart your device
Proceed to the overlay supervisor and enable the installed overlays

Around OxygenOS Oreo / Pie Service
• Activate way that is dark
• Select the android version OxygenOS
Overlay Options and • Select to employ
• restart your device
Proceed to the overlay supervisor and enable the installed overlays

• To change or update the colors of the QS block, access the settings / display / accent (choose PitchBlack accent) repeat exactly the same after each pattern change PitchBlack

What is not working on Oreo & Pie (Stock) Roms?

• Some text colors can not be reversed, as additional light notifications like Oreo ROMs and standard pizza (the dark option is still available)
• Status bar settings disabled. Pie & Oreo will not work



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