Download PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND v1.49.01 MOD ( Infinite First Kits )

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019 - Android

PIXEL UNKNOWN BATTLE FIELD v1.49.01 “Would you like pixel matches from military blocks?” Attempt to live In the crazy pixel fighting arena after the blocky city apocalypse! Jump from the survival helicopter to the deceased island, get the best loot, triumph the enemies. BUT be scared of this shrinking zone, it does considerable damage! Take with AK, pixel weapon, smg, multiple barrel and other weapons. Be the last survivor!
Create your pixel block narrative. Fight for the completion of deathmatch in our 3D shooter!
Since it can work like the last day of the world, be very careful with the dead zone, it moves extremely fast and can quickly eat you.


✪ Skins for every flavor
Jackets looks perfect; Just like in real city survival 3D fighting, you can buy any pixel cube skins;

✪ Photo settings for your weak phones
Our pixel photographed with full HD images and you can also create a low environment when you have a thin phone;

✪ More than 30 types of weapons
Vast military arsenal, eg AK, minigun, sniper guns, pixel gun, smg, pistols and so on. Start the end of the earth, shoot with pixel weapon!

✪ Car in the game
We fight cars or fight vehicles and we even have a TANK! Stay unturned along with our Vast pixel globe! Deliver your cube strength as fast as you can and hide from the dead zone!

Automóvel car shooting
You don't have to push the photo, all you have to do is simply pixel battle and hunt. We are trusting that vanity is not about you, spare no one!

Enormes Huge dimensions of the map;
Dimensions of the Great Map that are what we have, is surrounded by the hills and dead zone. Significant radiation island that is where you need to survive Even playing in the city of blocks. We have over 20 players on the same map in the multiplayer online shooter.

Fácil Easy and intuitive controller.
Just chill! You will not notice the time and days that will fly while enjoying pixel capture.

Increase your fighting skills with our pixel warfare sport, discover the enemy with you or you will run out of pixels.

Among the most excellent survival game with pixel globe. The online shooting game Battle Royale does not allow you to get tired!
Our multiplayer game is a free online game to download.



pixel pixel pixel pixel


  1. After the round for each dead you get $ 1000
  2. Infinite First Aid Kits
  3. Unlocked all characters, skins and emotions


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