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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 - Android

Planit: Photo Planner v9.8.6 – Within this free program, the Ephemeris attribute is provided as an in-app purchase that will be like PlanIt! Pro following the purchase. Some screenshots listed here have Ephemeris features enabled. The free version, along with all the attributes of Ephemeris, can do many things you believed. It is a plan / marker file reader, a focal length estimator on the map, a DOF calculator, a panorama calculator, a map along with branding features. The Ephemeris attributes are interconnected, so it's a challenge for us to provide some ephemeris attributes in the free version and ask you to cover the rest. Although we have not provided a test, feel free to buy to try. We can refund you at any time if you do not like it.

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This is a private phone for landscape photographers, travel photographers, nature photographers and people who are interested in night photography, city photography, time lapse, star trails, milky way or astrophotography: it doesn't look like this anymore; most excellent program for you – Planit. It only costs a cup of Frappuccino, but it can save you a lot of time and effort and a great deal of gas money. Above all, it will make you enjoy landscape photography much more.

Ansel Adams dedicates the beginning of his first publication “Taos Pueblo” to visualization. He introduced the notion of “previewing”, which required the photographer to imagine what he wanted his closing impression to look like before catching the shooter. There are lots of great photographs that were taken offhand. But for landscape photographers, being in a position to preview the show before going there will significantly decrease the chance of being trapped unprepared and greatly increase the opportunity to take better pictures.

Photographers use a variety of tools to help them preview the show. Nowadays, many of these programs are free. PlanIt! It is an all-purpose solution aimed at harnessing the map and also mimicked viewfinder technology to provide the essential tools for photographers to preview the show in conjunction with ground subjects and even celestial objects such as the sun, Moon, Stars, Star Trails and Milky Way.

In a program, we bundle it with attributes – in location such as GPS coordinates, elevations, distance, elevation gain, transparent perspective, focal length, depth of field (DoF), hyperfocal distance and panorama, in ephemeral attributes like sunrise. , sunset, moonrise, full moon period and management, twilight period, particular times of this day, sun / moon finder, essential stars, constellations, nebula azimuth and elevation angle, celebrity route preparation , simulation and time lapse calculation Filter / ND calculator and light meter, lamp timer, rainbow place prediction, wave search etc. All information is represented on the map as an overlay or displayed on a simulated viewfinder (VR, image or street view) as you look through your camera's viewfinder. Everything you need for your landscape photography is then there from Planet.


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