Download Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie v1.75.13 MOD ( Characters 99 ) MOD

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 - Android

Day of Prey: Survival – Craft & Zombie v1.38 – The Day of Prey survival game is set in a post-apocalyptic world: in 2033, the planet saw an epidemic of an unknown disease that destroyed almost all people.

Prey Day – online survival game that takes place in the great apocalyptic world city. An unidentified virus destroyed a large area of ​​the population, leaving only a few survivors. Most of the locals turned to zombies or mutated under the effect of this virus. One of the labyrinths of empty roads, the natives, fortifies the decks to resist hordes of zombies and sneak out to locate relatives and detect the reason for the disease.

You are among the few survivors whose fate is directly associated with these occasions. Deal with desire and desire, start looking for the survivors' camps, build your shelter on the accumulated materials. Look at the origin of the disease by completing the missions. Search the darkest corners of this city to manufacture exceptional armor-building weapons and vehicles that can grant access to hard-to-reach places.

Enter into a confrontation with other survivors, eager for the sack you receive. Join other players in online zones to fight zombies and other players who hide from the streets in search of simple prey. Collect your friends to proceed with all the most damaging areas of the city.

The whole world of the Day of the Dam is an entire city, ruined by a wave of disease. Other lands – real players inhabit it. You can communicate with any participant you meet, combine them into a group, or fight to choose your serve.

Join other players in a powerful family, starting access to clean places, where you'll discover rare items and unlock new vessels. With your clan, it is possible to wash an abandoned army bunker, create a clan base in the countryside and start actual military activities on the roads.

You can create new weapons and equipment from various items brought together in your travels. Craft skills allow you to build your shield and protect against different players!

When you complete missions or just search in Harbortown, you will immerse yourself in a range of experiences, moving to the city subway, traveling to the mountains and national parks around the city's border.

Prey Day is tricky to live in – it's a dangerous world full of players who may have different goals and methods of success. Communicate, combine, fight and destroy opponents – from the best traditions of MMO and RPG games!


 Prey Day: Survival - Craft and Zombie Screenshot 1 Prey Day: Survival - Craft and Zombie Screenshot 2 Prey Day: Survival - Craft and Zombie Screenshot 3 Prey Day: Survival - Craft and Zombie Screenshot 4


  1. Unlock map and all construction projects.
  2. Characters 99
  3. Continuous satiation.
  4. Zombies do not attack.


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