Download PUB Gfx Tool Free🔧 (NO BAN & NO LAG) v0.16.9

Sunday, August 4th, 2019 - Android

PUB Gfx Tool Free🔧 (NO PROHIBITION AND NO LAG) v0.16.9 – The safest GFX tool on Google Play is compatible with the new Sport Upgrade.

Expertise ”Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” in ultra image setup

Most excellent GFX tool: Currently, position Tool # 1 GFX in the Google Play Store.

Application Features:
Featured in XDA Portal: Recommended and reviewed by XDA Developer (most famous developer community) to improve game performance.
The most advanced GFX tool to enhance the battlefield gaming experience.

Customize your game images like a pro

Basic photo settings
1080 Resolution: Change the resolution of this match. ✔️
HDR Sport Graphic: Unlock HDR images on low end devices. ✔️
Extreme FPS: Achieve the Extreme FPS degree. ✔️
Design: Change the style setting of images. ✔️
Shadow: Turn the shadow on and off. ✔️
4xMSAA: Enable and disable automatic aliasing. ✔️

Demo Settings
Potato Graphics: Minimal texture quality. Useful if your sport stinks. ✔️
Safe Mode: Use our program without fear of increasing BAN. ✔️
Save your layout and sensitivity settings: Avoid resetting the design and sensitivity settings of the match. ✔️

Plus version comprises
Shadow Quality: Select the shadow gauge. ✔️
Shadow Resolution (Pixel): Changes the size of the darkness pixel. ✔️
MSAA Level: Select the MSAA Level. ✔️
Anisotropy Amount: Select the degree of anisotropic filtration (AF). ✔️
Graphics Rendering Level: Improve the quality of images. ✔️
Detail Mode: Change the depth of images using multiple profiles. ✔️
Light Effects: Enable / disable moderate sport effects. ✔️
Color rendering level: Enable 32-bit / 64-bit color. ✔️
Zero Lag Mode + Battery Efficient: Optimized sports setup. ✔️
Graphic Profile: Today, excellent graphic based on the size of RAM. ✔️
Hardware Accelerated Rendering: Enable support for VULKAN and OPENGL 3.1+. ✔️
GPU optimization: OpenGL custom shaders. ✔️
Increased memory: Increase match functionality. ✔️
Smart Widget: One tap to start a game without opening the PUB Gfx + program repeatedly. ✔️

Permission: Storage (photo documents / media) to change graphic settings.
Permission: Web to evaluate updates.
Permission: Kill the desktop app to promote memory.

“This program was created for a specific match and we are not connected to Tencent.”

DISCLAIMER: Before applying for this program Please make sure you have read and approved the privacy policy and terms of service.


PUB Gfx Tool Free🔧 (no ban and no LAG) Screenshot 1Peb gfx free🔧 tool (no ban and no lag) Screenshot 2PUB Gfx Tool Free🔧 (no ban and no LAG) Screenshot 3PUB Gfx Tool Free🔧 (SEM BAN AND SEM LAG) Screenshot 4


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