Download Robot Fighting 2 – Minibots 3D v2.3.17 MOD ( Unlimited Currency ) MOD

Sunday, April 28th, 2019 - Android

Robot Fighting 2 – Minibots 3D v2.3.17 – Participate in one of these BattleMinibots – Magnificent Robots armored car displays fighting off armored vehicle battles and robot robots from radio-guided vehicles. These indestructible fighting cars are extremely dangerous, each using their distinctive weapon to pass the races. Produce your Minibot armored car from the garage and upgrade your properties to enter the Try-out and eventually become a member of this mech wars League!

Love Watching Steel Robot Fighting BattleBots and Armored Car Robot Wars shows? Ever dreamed of making your own indestructible battle robots and building a group to get involved in the fleeting racing series? With Robot Fighting Two – Robot Minibots fighting anyone can be a part of Robot Warriors and fighting car wars match – this battle of cars is thrilling, and it's free!

Drive to the Steel Robot Battlefield And be prepared for the many breathtaking auto wars that go with the passing races! These robots auto fights are something remarkable!

Complete Super Mechs and make great rewards. Get advanced weapons (flamethrowers, magnets, tasers, saws, etc.), armor to protect the body from the minibot. Find the best equipment for your minibot and create your destruction machine. You will find fresh minibots for your collection!

Combat Together with your superb mechs in multiple arena locations of conflict with additional Barriers – traps, thorn strips, kill generators, devil creators, rods, etc. Socialize with items in the conflict stage (boxes, Fire Extinguishers) and find out how to use the pitfalls in your favor. Earn experience points on bots fighting games and gain access to minibot Personalization – new armor, weapons and fashions for a breathtaking vehicle war game.

And remember more achievements that you unlock, the more so, the more consistent players will combine the mech Wars League robot. Let the auto-war game begin!
Post your VIP status to unlock additional math skills.

War of Warrior Robots: Be Number 1 in our Global Rankings!

Robot Fighting 2 – Minibots is:

15+ robot warrior and super mechs with unique fighting mechanisms, for intense machine games
Customization with the help of armor and weapons
Powerful Iron Warriors and exciting robots battle arena PvP battles.

Spectacular robots against robot fights are waiting for you. Choose machines to get a steel robot to battle arena!


 Robot Fighting 2 - Minibots 3D Screenshot 1 Robot Fighting 2 - Minibots 3D Screenshot 2 Robot Fighting 2 - Minibots 3D Screenshot 3 Robot Fighting 2 - Minibots 3D Screenshot 4


  1. Currency Unlimited.


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