Download SpongeBob Moves In v1.0 ( Massive Drops )

Monday, April 8th, 2019 - Android

SpongeBob Moves In v1.0 "You've perfected the art of frying-what now?" Keep cooking! You have many quests, tasks, fantasies and things to collect to make your Bikini Bottom, The Ultimate Bikini Bottom!

• Bug fixes and optimizations

WI-FI: Join your favorite Wi-Fi spot to download most of SpongeBob's fantastic content that is the first time you practice the sport.

* See how SpongeBob came in the bottom of the bikini
* See how Patrick discovered his stone
* Learn more about Mr. Krabs' early days at Krusty Krab

Build your own Bikini Bottom!
• Create benchmarks on the bottom of the bikini, such as Patrick's Rock, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Krusty Krab.
• Perfect the art of cooking in Krusty Krab to nourish your Bottomites and make fresh and infrequent recipes
• Play Patrick, Lula Mollusco, Sandy and some other familiar faces!
• Perform many missions to create your favorite characters.
• Tom Kenny, along with other listeners in the series, make this a true SpongeBob experience
• Tons of props, decorations and buildings

New buildings and characters to unlock new areas to expand and more!
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  1. Massive drops.
  2. 2. Exp x10.



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