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Friday, April 12th, 2019 - Android

Swift Dark Substratum Theme v25.8 – The Swift Dark Substratum motif makes over 200 darkened programs. What's special is the fact that it supports a significant variety of applications and covers a considerable variety of programs. It also, in a balanced way, retains most of the first accent programs and primary colors. There is support required for these systems:

• Android AOSP Nougat, Oreo e Torta
• OnePlus (supports OnePlus 3, 3T, 5, 5T, 6) Oreo and Pie
• Samsung (supports S9, S8, S7, Note8, Note9, others) Nougat and Oreo
• Nougat Nougat and Oreo
• Oreo and Pie Pixel
• lineages
+ choose to choose the emphasis of your favorite system in Pie, Oreo and WHO Nougat!

Directions and important information:


1: Make sure your system supports the use of a Substratum theme. See the list supported.

2: Download the motif engine program Substratum as well as the motif. When you start the Substratum program, you discover the theme within it.

If you use Andromeda or even Samsung, you may request an additional paid supplement, in which you will be instructed about the first time you start the Substratum program.

3: Open the reason inside the Substratum program and choose your own Android Variant from the menu at the top. Also, choose the programs you want to create and activate the installation.

4: Wait until most of the overlays are configured, and then reboot.

If you are using Samsung Oreo, you should allow all "Supervisor" overlays in the Substratum program after reboot.

UPDATE: Update the Play Store reason. After the upgrade, create a clean installation of overlays: Uninstall all overlays on the overlap supervisor, which you see in the left navigation drawer on the Substrate. When this is complete, install the new overlays followed by a reboot. When you are about to update your firmware, uninstall all overlays before upgrading.

TROUBLESHOOTING: When an application stops working, you want to reinstall the overlay for this program and reboot. This is called an overlay. It has to be implemented at the top of a program. For example, when you upgrade a Play Store app, Overlay is not at the top. After you reinstall the overlay and reboot, you can ensure that it is back again. This is how overlaps work.

The absolute best way to keep your motif running over the years: Each time you upgrade a program to a new variant of the Play Store, there is a Danger that does not match the model on which we base motif overlays. The best way to keep all overlays working over the years would be to turn off automatic updates in the Play Store and update your programs as soon as we update the subject. We update every four to five days so you do not have to wait to upgrade everything.

ROOT is not required for Samsung, Andromeda (Pixel & Nexus) or OMS systems. Other systems need an origin.

NEED HELP? If you need help, please contact us via Telegram or via email and we will assist you based on the system you are using. PLEASE do not report bugs in the inspection system as it is easier for us to assist you by email or chat.


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