Download The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter v1.8 ( Unlimited Currency )

Friday, February 22nd, 2019 - Android

The walking zombie 2: zombie shooter v1.8 The planet that follows the Zombie Apocalypse is a dark place. You will have to; You were born to fight to resist and fight against many types of Zombies Boss that is Dangerous monsters. You'll take history, and level-up perks, and your skills, side quests, market and buying equipment, and talk to (un-lucky) survivors.

First Person Survival and Shooting RPG
Walking Zombie Two is great old FPS with narrative, tens of thousands of missions and also a lot of shooting on things with weapons that are several. Your enemies are zombies Control the planet – they are in a variety of types and – more significantly – in good numbers. You will use melee guns to eliminate these or grenades, and you will have the ability to heal yourself with meals and medkits. As you finish A growing number of quests, your personality will become more powerful with greater Equipment, benefits gained, and improved abilities. Can Best Opportunity Whether Lockpicking Fuel or Locks, Hitpoints Consumption While?

* Large post-apocalyptic singleplayer FPS
* Attractive polygon image style
* System of karma – options and experiences available
* Dozens of stories and side quests
Weapons, protective gear and gear
* Arms skins
* Variety of enemies – huge boss mutants, walker zombies, thugs
Dealerships in settlements
* Fun sniper and minigames assignment

The History of the Chosen One with a Horrible Past
Can If Your Beginning Was Pretty Tragic Your Story Ending? Thank you for the situation you are the individual who is single. This can save the whole world. You are resistant to the effects of the virus that transforms animals and people. This makes you an ideal weapon of the sign of hope and the masters of this world to get better. Find the truth about hunting and its source for the best method to be sure – along with friends, you create on your way regardless of the risks hidden in every corner.



  1. Currency Unlimited.

Note: After the tutorial is available, the first time you enter the game, you will need to download the data.


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