Download Tower of Infinity v1.2.7 MOD ( Money )

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 - Android

Infinity Tower v1.2.7 – Intense action, tower-climbing RPG! Ascend the Tower of Infinity!
A new tower-climbing RPG on Google Play's favorite developer, DAERISOFT!

Cartoon Style Self-Playing RPG
A super friendly game that doesn't reset its stats after a revival!
Incomparable! Irreplaceable! Only in its own right!
Idle in the Infinity Tower!

■■■■■ Game Features ■■■■■

■ Incredibly realistic hits with the effect! The greatest action RPG.

Comic style RPG that adults and kids can enjoy!

If you like comics, download it today!

■ Forget the old and bland games!

It's like reading a comic novel, full of attractive black and white characters!

■ Global's first and only tower climbing RPG!

You have never seen such a special match before!
■ Venture into the vast realm of martial artists right now!

Go ahead, start the game! Don't worry about gold and gems running out!

■ Even when you are busy with anything else, keep it around and the match will be yours!

An auto-play RPG that's ideal for the busy, modern lifestyle!

Each review you make motivates us to create a much better match.

It's time to climb the Infinity Tower!
Yet another high quality game from DAERISOFT!
Thank you for your service.


Infinity Tower Screenshot 1Infinity Tower Screenshot 2Infinity Tower Screenshot 3Infinity Tower Screenshot 4


  1. Upgrade with enough money
  2. Currency does not decrease


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