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Sunday, July 7th, 2019 - Android

Traffix 2.6 Apk for Android

Traffix Android is a simulation game
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Based on simple rules and minimal features, Traffix will surprise you!
The chaos of the road, stress and anger are always present, especially in the big cities of Paris, Tokyo, Istanbul or Las Vegas. Knowing this, you need to monitor the traffic light to keep drivers safe and keep the peace.
Start fighting chaos around the world!

Simple rules: Touch the traffic light to change the color of time and deal with the highway. The color generally works as a light green, yellow and red color.
Minimalist: You will find cars, buses or vans in the cities. There is also a truck, train and even a plane. Your work Make sure they do not fail.
Calm: Traffick does not force you to remember much. Each new city will amaze your senses and help you relax.
Difficulty level: the visual traffic functions are very simple and minimalistic, but some cities make it very difficult! The slight deviation can make a big impact.

Everyone hates the traffic. It's a minimalist, like Traffix.
Now there is a way to control chaos and relax on the street.
You're the dealer's highway manager. Each city will provide different doses of stress and chaos. By clicking the traffic light at the right time, you can control the flow and avoid serious drivers.

It is very important that drivers do not wait or are crazy.
On the other side, do not rush or fail!
You need to press the traffic lights and wait for the moment to drive the cars to the destination.

The standard lights are red. Wait for the right moment to turn on the yellow light and go to a car. When the road is empty, double-tap to turn green traffic on!
You will quickly understand how Traffix works due to minimalist and evocative elements.

The rules are simple:
Red: All vehicles will stop. The red bull will bother us all.
Yellow: will allow a car to pass. Then it automatically turns red. Yellow traffic is the safest game.
Green: Double tap to turn green. This will open the traffic lights and all cars can move forward. Most accidents occur inside green traffic lights.

Chaos Mode:

The second game mode is available. Chaos Mode is for prose and will amaze you for its simplicity. As you understand by name, you have stress and insanity.
Police cars have to guide their destination safely. You're going to miss a mistake.
Do you think you can get to know all the cities? This is to prove your time.

Play the whole world!
The traffic gathers the largest cities in the world. Places of stress and peace are a distant miracle. As you go, the road will become increasingly chaotic.
At this point, one of two things will happen: either you overcome challenges or become a great pilot.

See on the road!

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