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Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 - Android

Trick art dungeon 1.87 APK + Date for Android

Art Dungeon Dungeon Android Adventure is a game
Download the latest version Art Dungeon Dungeon Apk + Android data Download APK MOD with direct link

■ Art Trick Finds Game
Art Trick Art Dungeon 」is an exciting adventure game with elements of artistic tricks.
Enjoy tricks and enthusiasm and the Trick Art Dungeon where creations and imaginations are interspersed!

■ What is Dungeon Trick Art?
Trick Art Dungeon continues the journey of a child who lost his parents in a museum. Direct the child trying to find their parents on the verge of imagination and reality.
Enjoy the wonderful experience of excitement and deceptive art, following the footsteps given by children in the lives of their parents.

■ unforgettable history
Experience the child's awareness in the mysteries of the museum sphere.
Your child's guide will be followed by parenting steps.

■ graphic sounds
Immersive sound and unique graphics will provide a unique experience.

■ Easy to control, exciting action
Simple ringtones and action moves for everyone.

■ If you want to learn more about Trick Art Dungeon, visit

[Data Recovery]
This game is not a way to save the game server as an online game, but it is stored in the terminal.
Keep in mind that you can not restore the game data because you have reproduced the data you have already made or deleted the data that you entered.

[Bug Report]
In the case of runtime errors, provide bug reports, provide detailed information such as terminal name, operating system version, game version, error message and error details.
Please send your questions to [email protected]
Questions left in comments, comments or user comments can not be fully verified, you should contact us by email.

[Access Authority]
▶ Essential Access Authority
▷ Storage
– You need to store enough storage and installation of data on your mobile device.
Mobile reading status and status
– The creation and confirmation of the user account must be & # 39; do that

▶ Cancellation of access authorization
– OS 6.0 or later: Settings> Application management> Choose application> Authority> Leave access authority
– OS less than 6.0: Access Authority can not be undone. The application can be deleted.

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