Download Valor Guard Tactics v1.3.0 ( x100 Damage )

Saturday, March 23rd, 2019 - Android

Value Guard Tactics v1.3.0 – Team powerful items found during your experiences to further strengthen your heroes! Be friends with exceptional personalities to release strong resonance bonuses for your legions!

Build your skills and gain useful rewards using exciting modes like Abandoned Treasure and Marching Unit!

Test your skills and strategy knowledge on formidable features like Flight Challenge and Unit Challenge!
Collect your most powerful heroes to demonstrate your power in the arena! Achieve Glory by beating your fellow players and getting daily benefits that grow as you grow through the rankings!
Look for fellows who take an examination of the power of the guild. The more you participate in Guild actions, the more significant the rewards for all!



  1. DMG x100.
  2. God's way.

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