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Thursday, July 25th, 2019 - Android

@Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader) v17.2.7 – Listen to the program read aloud or Watch on the web screen
Pages, news, long emails, TXT, PDF, DOC, D.O.C.X., RTF, OpenOffice Document, EPUB, M.O.B.I., P.R.C., A.Z.W. and FB2 ebooks and more. It is an HTML reader, record reader and ebook reader in one, both for studying on the listen screen or listening if your eyes malfunction or are active elsewhere. A.D.H.D. Read the user comment below.

“I just wanted to thank you for your excellent program. I am an academic writer who has A.D.H.D. Also, @Voice was incredibly helpful to me personally. (…) In my case, A.D.H.D. It starts with challenges in concentration and attention. As I read the page, I often find myself needing to reread entire paragraphs, sentences, or passages about Recognizing that I had “zoned” while studying. (…) These issues are resolved as soon as I use @Voice to “read” the work. The TTS format keeps me on track, as when I'm distracted while listening, the speech goes on and I'm in a position to quickly return to the writer's general line of thought. And thanks to its intuitive @voice Aloud interface (especially the purpose of highlighting), it's easy to step back if necessary. … So @voice improved my outlook and life. I quote your program to read about 10-12 times about what I could see and improved my ability to edit my work. “

* Open text, PDF, DOC, D.O.C.X., RTF, OpenOffice, or Android document program HTML documents for aloud reading.
* Click the “Share” or “Email” button / menu in any app to send the text to @Voice Aloud Reader for reading over the speakers or even in a headset.
* When sharing web pages to @Voice, your menus, navigation, ads, other junk are eliminated, leaving blank text to listen or read.
* If “Share” is not available, copy the text into a different application and paste it into @Voice for reading.
* Save open posts in @Voice for files to listen to later. Build playlists from multiple posts to listen uninterruptedly after another. Request listing as needed, for example, more meaningful articles.
* Choose to immediately read the text copied to the clipboard.
* Read featured ebooks using their initial formatting, displayed images, flip pages read continuously. Or put cans, turn off the screen and listen!
* Handles Japanese and Chinese perpendicular text (right to left) below Android 4.4 and higher, or switch to landscape mode if you prefer.
* Easily add saved Pocket posts to @Voice's scan list – On the Reading List screen, press Menu – Insert posts out of pocket, then navigate to View or tune reading aloud.
* Record spoken jobs in audio documents – W.A.V. (uncompressed) or O.G.G. (compressed) formats supported.
* Press and hold the word or choose a longer term to see dictionaries, translations, Wikipedia, Internet search and more.
* Speech correction for TTS, optionally with regular expressions (RegEx)
* Chrome to desktop / laptop browser expansion to include posts in @Voice's reading list with just one click.
* Easily control address generator volume, pitch and speech speed.
* Pause / resume the address as needed with Bluetooth or wired headset switches, and click the Next / Previous buttons to skip by word or to the next / previous informational article in the list.
* Automatically recognize terminology to use the appropriate TTS voice, if available, or place your favorite sounds with the “Select Language” menu item.
* Options for Extra Pause Between Paragraph, start talking when a new article is filled or wait for a button press, start / stop talking when a wired headset plug is. inserted / removed.
* Optional timer to prevent speech after a specified timeout.


@Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader) Screenshot 1@ Voice Reader (TTS Reader) Screenshot 2@ Loud Reader Reader (TTS Reader) Screenshots 3@ Loud reader reader (tts reader) Screenshot 4


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