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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 - Android

Voice PRO – HQ Audio Editor v4.0.29 – The most comprehensive and best sound editing program in your pocket


By adopting this program, you will quickly realize its potential and numerous functions to perform around your documents, such as cutting, editing, correcting, disturbing sounds and adding wallpaper – high-quality, rich recording and editing software. intriguing.

You can add sound effects, change volume and speed, record unit or mix of any quality or format.
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The voice recorder makes it feasible to:
☆ Record in over 100 formats
☆ Add real time background with any document present on your device. You can also download for free – new ones from an online library.
☆ Insert label to help you choose through fascinating parts of your documents.
☆ Use the headset to restrict the impact of this desktop while recording.
☆ Record from the bottom while using the player for additional providers.
☆ Image registration information, eg duration, sampling rate, measurements, channels.
☆ Perform playback, both with an internal and external participant.
☆ Restore the documents and finalize them.
☆ Mix or match some recordings in most formats.
☆ Manage bookmarks, share with them add notes and label and study materials.
☆ Convert to various formats (mp3, wave, FLAC, Ogg)
☆ Remove vocals, Manage gain, timing, rumors, and also REVERB – A good example of the remarkable possibilities of related consequences.
Be aware -> Vocal Remover – Removes vocal part or decrease the amount of voice on the music monitor and is dependent on the audio file you try. We recommend that you try music tracks with balanced audio sounds and unusual sounds so that the program can filter and identify vocals.

In-app controls:

☆ Convert records. “Voice PRO” is the only program on Play Store that allows One to convert your documents from any period into “Texts” behaving like a Dictaphone, thus giving them a chance to hear them. in audio format.
☆ Encrypt and decrypt your documents and password protect them in 128 characters (bytes).
☆ Mix, along with other materials or desktop.
☆ Cut parts of documents and save them in recent documents or new music formats, sounds or identifying noises.
☆ Back up and restore documents from cloud providers like Google Drive ™, Evernote, Emails

☆ Home display widget
☆ Mp3 little change rate around 320kbps
☆ Sample speed around 48000 HZ
☆ 8 and 16 byte encoding
☆ Subscribing to MONO & STEREO structure
☆ Auto gain to reduce sounds while recording
☆ Pause incoming call log.
☆ Internal assistance for all functions
☆ Icon control, notifying and loneliness
☆ File backup
☆ Ask for new lyrics or effects

Voice PRO works with a dictaphone, virtual recorder, sound recorder or speech recorder.
The program is fully compatible with the vast majority of systems in the industry. The program will not work on the rooted device.

Please note that we cannot contact you for additional information if you report a problem with all comments.


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