Download Wall breaker2 19.00.03 ( Use skills without cooling time )

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 - Android

Circuit-breaker2 19.00.03 When you are angry and stressed,
Release the anger with the wall separator 2

We added the expected features
-Ability Evolution System,

Optimization -UI

We did not plan to stop there !!

Changing the time on this device will automatically lead to a ban.
Please do not change the time to restart the box refills.

This game was made for these people!

▷ People who secretly want to ruin things
▷ Those with terrible bosses
▷ If your paycheck is less than your invoices
▷ People who need anger management
▷ When you do not want to do anything
▷ When you fall trying to tie your shoelaces
When you're in the bathroom, Mr.

Breaking the walls 2 will manage all of this.

■■■■■ How to run ■■■■■

▷ Know how much damage you do in training mode!
▷ Level up and destroy all walls!
▷ Various statistics and skills to make your personality.

▷ Escape from a variety of phases!
▷ Open boxes and release the forces of Troll Kim!

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  1. Use skills without cooling time.


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