Download X Launcher Pro: PhoneX Theme, OS11 Control Center v2.6.1

Friday, February 22nd, 2019 - Android

X Launcher Pro: Theme PhoneX, OS11 Control Center v2.6.1 – The X Launcher was created based on the newest IOS11 style motif, it makes your phone look like Telephone X No Ads.
You can change the look and feel of your phone by giving you a date.

No ads
We eliminate ads from the expert, there will be no chance. In everything you need to cause unrest, focus on

OS11 Style Control Center
Swipe up to start the Control Center; Set the WiFi Carry Photo brightness.

Multiple topics
We have assigned a Theme Center that is fashionable to give Adaptive Topics the topics you choose that can bring you an interface like the OS11-like experience.

Latest collections of icons and backgrounds
Wallpaper icons and the Telephone X library provide a detailed experience.
We custom package for programs that are popular for IOS style.

Strong Application Supervisor
Scroll down to start Application Manager. Locate the programs and drop them onto the desktop.

Apple-Style Folder
An IOS style folder is designed by us, you can drop a program to make a folder.

Cool 3D effects
We look at 8 display animation effects, such as Breeze, Tunnel, Waves, Cube, Carousel, Tune Out, Fan, Rotation.

Weather and Weather Widget
We offer a widget of time and time, it is possible to press the screen a lot and transport it to display. You can find the weather forecast.

Hide apps
Zoom with two fingers to activate the hide program attribute to protect your privacy.

Unread notification of program
In the most recent edition, we added a new Messages function, reject consent that is great and settings in the Notifer Program, You can create your own Twitter Facebook along with other Programs chosen to reveal New information tips, do not worry about the lack of information!

Download X join and Launcher! Functions that are intriguing will probably come soon! How to hide programs, 3D animations, dynamic clock, calendar and more



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