Download Z Survival Day – Free zombie shooting game v1.1.1 ( Money ) MOD

Thursday, April 25th, 2019 - Android

Z Survival Day – Zombie Shooting Game v1.1.1 “The savior of the planet, for this property!”

Unite all survivors for the best success of mankind!

Fight today! Destroy all zombies!

Game features:
There are several types of firearms and weapons:
Choose your favorite weapons and use the upgrade system to produce the most powerful mythic weapon that belongs to you!
The amount of sports is plentiful!
Five significant maps, countless amounts waiting for you to fight, you can observe the plan beforehand!
In addition to the default value of the map, we also carry a rocket launcher style, allow you to enjoy the pleasure of bombing, and even the routine of searching for Zombies … .the truth, the ways are varied and enjoyable! Satisfy your appetite to explore!
The things in the game are rich:
Several exotic things help you get the job done!
Whether the radar is slow or the placement of time can help you live in the long run! Also, there are unique props for potential dogs that will help you find zombies and drag zombies, so you can perform better with your shooting skills!
You do not need to have wifi, play at any time.


 Z Survival Day - free zombie shooter game Screenshot 1 Z Survival Day - Free Zombie Shooting Game Screenshot 2 Z Survival Day - Free Zombie Shooting Game Screenshot 3 Z Survival Day - Free Zombie Shooting Game Screenshot 4


  1. Money.


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