Download Zombie Shooter : Fury of War v1.1 ( Unlimited Gold )

Friday, April 12th, 2019 - Android

Zombie Sniper: Fury of War v1.1 – Dead or alive, kill or save. After the doomsday virus was spread in place, would you like to be a hero to rescue people, or is it a victim that is consumed by zombies? Multitudes of all the zombies are coming to you! Raise your rifle, open the flame to discharge your fury! Fight for yourself, fight for your loved ones and friends, fight for your humanity!

Zombie Shooting: The fury of war is just one of the zombie FPS shooting games, you want to search for zombies, keep on living and rescue the survivors. Types of weapons can allow you to search for zombies by any means you want. Whether you prefer short precise blasts or enjoy the rain of bullets, whether you fancy a comfortable fight or just long-range shooting, you'll be happy to shoot using different guns in this sport. At the critical moment, the pasta is freezing, time bomb, so you can choose the right equipment that will help you escape the dangerous terrain. There are some components in the game show that could be made easier when shooting, how you can remove collections of zombies by pulling the gas can, or you can pick up the box to get random rewards.

The terrible virus generates various types of zombies; there are several zombies like the big monster and others can move quickly on the ground. There are several zombie captains that can be challenged by you. Fire in your weakness can help someone to conquer the most influential zombie captain. Overcome these zombies, locate and search for the captain, get rewards, and buy a stronger weapon.
Exciting And amazing sports images will force you to dive into this zombie universe, Pull the trigger, grab, benefit the rewards, buy new weapons, upgrade the Equipment, you can step on the hero means !!!

Game features:
Free FPS sport;
Exciting and fantastic sports imagery;
Various types of firearms and gear;
You can change the range mode as you need it;
Exciting stunt boss fight;


 Zombie Shooter: Fury of War Screenshot 1 Zombie Shooter: Fury of War Screenshot 2 Zombie Shooter: Fury of War Screenshot 3 Zombie Shooter: War Fury Screenshot 4


  1. Gold and unlimited diamonds.



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